A change for the better at Carl’s Jr.

While visiting a local Carl’s Jr. restaurant, I discovered they had made a recent change to their iced tea, and a change for the better I might add. Carl’s Jr., up until very recently, had served Gold Peak tea made from a concentrate. You can see my full review of Gold Peak tea here.  Most people will recognize the dispenser for this type of tea (shown below) that usually has four buttons with four different flavors of iced tea.  I am not a fan of this iced tea, mainly because of how obvious it is, from the taste, that this tea is not fresh brewed.  But I discovered at my most recent visit that Carl’s Jr. had switched to Gold Peak’s fresh brewed tea, which is a far superior product.  I like to think that they made this change because of my previous review. Taking this into account, I have changed my rating for Carl’s Jr.’s iced tea from teabag2-5  to 3-5teabag, you can see my updated review by clicking here.  From this one experience, I found their tea tastes very similar to the tea at Jack in the Box, but is not brewed as well as the Gold Peak tea from Blaze Pizza.product.aspx


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  1. Christie says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Carl’s Jr. In general, but I am tempted to give it another try after reading this!


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