Chipotle drink changes . . .

I have made my love of Chipotle’s iced tea well known on this site.  It is brewed on the stronger side and very consistently good tasting. I have been known to visit Chipotle and only order iced tea, which can be a little confusing with their cafeteria style ordering.  Do I have to stand in line or not? (Hint: you can go right to the register if you are only ordering a drink)  Well, you can imagine my distress when I read this article from The Motley Fool about Chipotle potentially revamping their drink menu.  This is apparently another strategy which Chipotle hopes will get back the customers they lost because of the foodborne illness outbreaks of recent months.  Although the article says this plan was in place long before the outbreaks and recent bad press.

The article mostly talks about Chipotle’s alcohol options as well as plans to offer “new sodas”, however the following sentence gives me a cause for concern: “Non-alcoholic drinks will include watermelon agua fresca, a hibiscus tea, and a new iced tea.”  Oddly enough,  Chipotle’s E. coli outbreak didn’t steer me away from them, but a change in iced tea may. chipotle_log_cup



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