Jack in the Box

3-5teabag I was surprised to find out that Jack in the box serves Gold Peak brand iced tea. This tea tastes much better than the tea served at other notable restaurants which serve Gold Peak (like Carl’s Jr., Five Guys and Pieology). The difference is that  Jack in the Box serves freshly brewed Gold Peak tea, which is the reason for the much better taste. The tea is also dispensed from a container like the one shown on the bottom left, as opposed to the container on the bottom right dispenses instant Gold Peak tea. Even though the fresh brewed tea usually tastes quite good, at least a quarter of the time if not more, the tea is not brewed well and has a stale taste. The price usually ranges between $2 – $2.59 for a large, and most locations have the iced tea dispenser in a place where you can serve yourself refills.machines-tea