Top 5 Fast Food Iced Teas (pre-2017)

Here is my top 5 list for iced teas from national fast food restaurants (click on each logo for a more detailed review):

First Place

panera_breadPanera-Great, consistent, fresh brewed iced tea.

Second Place

in-n-outIt might be a stretch calling In-N-Out a national fast food chain,
but they do have great, fresh brewed iced tea. I pity the East Coasters that don’t get to
enjoy In-N-Out iced tea on a regular basis.

Third Place
Chipotle_Mexican_Grill_logoFresh brewed and usually very good tasting iced tea

Forth PlaceCFA-logoOverall good, freshly brewed iced tea. My one complaint is that it is a little weak tasting.

Fifth Place

The majority of the time McDonald’s iced tea is good tasting, but the
price of $1 is what really bumped them into the top 5.

Honorable Mention


Don’t get me wrong the iced tea here is great! The only reason I am hesitant to put them in the top 5
is becuase of their limited number of locations. But the franchise is growing fast.

For more restaurant iced tea reviews click here


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