Shake Shack

I unfortunately do not live anywhere close to a Shake Shack, so I only have had the pleasure of dining here once in the last three years. This review is based solely on that one visit in Boca Raton, Florida.

The iced tea at Shake Shack is pretty good and fresh brewed. I found out it is Harney & Sons brand iced tea. My wife’s first thought was that the tea tasted good but “could stand to be a bit stronger”, and I agreed. The refills are free but not self serve, at least at this location. One of the downsides of fresh brewed iced tea is that it can be a challenge to get the same taste with every batch. I experienced this problem at Shake Shack when I went back to the counter for a refill before leaving. This batch was more bitter and not as good tasting as my first glass. The price is a pretty good deal though at 2.30 for a small and 2.80 for a large.img_7071img_7067


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