The iced tea is a big part of the reason I enjoy Chipotle. It is freshly brewed and consistently great tasting. The brand they use is S&D (read more below). Their tea is usually brewed slightly on the strong side, which I like, and most locations put out a new batch of tea every hour (read more about Chipotle’s specific tea brewing process by clicking here). The price is ok, a large is typically priced between $2.10 and $2.70 and you can get your own refills. If the price was a bit lower, Chipotle would without a doubt be my number one choice for iced tea. A stainless steel container like the type they use at Chipotle are an easy way to tell that the tea being served is actually fresh brewed and not from a mix or concentrate. Photo Dec 17, 5 41 52 PM

Update: I contacted Chipotle’s customer service by email, asking about the brand or type of tea they brew. They replied,  ” . . .Our tea is from S&D coffee, and it’s just their “regular iced tea” flavor. . . .”  If you go to S&D coffee’s website, they have quite a thorough description of their tea. According to their site, they “collect premium orange pekoe and pekoe cut black teas from the Far East and South America, and then blend them to create quality products with consistently superior taste.”  Also they state that their tea contain 115mg of flavonoids per 8 oz. serving. Read more about the antioxidant content of tea here.

Habit Burger and Rubio’s Coastal Grill also serve S&D brand iced tea, but in my experience it doesn’t taste quite as good as Chipotle’s.