AMC Dine-In Theatres

On Tuesday I had my first experience in an AMC “dine-in” theater. I think this is a great concept. The ability to order and eat decent restaurant quality food while watching a movie seems like something that should be offered at every theater, even if it is overpriced. While combing through the relatively large menu, my wife and I got to the drink section. It indicated they had Gold Peak iced tea (raspberry, sweet and unsweet). img_7093From my experience if a menu doesn’t indicate the tea is fresh brewed, it probably isn’t. And I’ve had enough bad tasting Gold Peak pre-made tea, that I wasn’t willing to spend $4.69 on what I was pretty sure would be bad tea. Well luckily my wife wasn’t thinking the same way and ended up ordering an iced tea. When our waiter brought us our food and drinks, I took a sip of her tea to confirm what I thought I already knew. I was however, pleasantly surprised. This was a really good tasting fresh brewed glass of iced tea. I probably ended up drinking more than half of her tea.

Each plush comfy chair in these AMC dine in theaters have a button on the arm rest to call your waiter. I was hoping to use this button to find out the theater refill policy, but unfortunately I was not able to. img_7095



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