Taco Bell

Initially I thought Taco Bell’s iced tea was a little watery, but decent tasting. I reconsidered my overall rating of their tea when I discovered exactly what I was drinking. The tea dispenser, as well as Taco Bell’s website say they serve  “brewed Lipton iced tea”.  A pretty good start, one would think, right?  Wrong. The word “fresh” is conveniently left off, which made me think the tea may actually some type of pre-mix or concentrate. Taco Bell’s website directs you to http://www.pepsicobeveragefacts.com to get the ingredients for their iced tea (which made me think they may be trying to hide something). From there you have to make a few other selections before you actually get the ingredient list shown below.  The list is so long that I thought it would be easier to take a screen shot of the it, than to just copy down the words.  Even though I usually don’t get overly obsessed with ingredients, a list this long for iced tea, did surprise and concern me. After finding out this information, I rate Taco Bell’s tea well below McDonald’s, and even below restaurants that serve Gold Peak iced tea (which I am not a big fan of), like Carl’s Jr. or Five Guys.Photo Jan 09, 10 02 41 AM