2018 update-As of early 2018 Pieology has switched from instant Gold Peak iced tea (described below) to what I am 90% sure is fresh brewed Gold Peak tea (the brand of tea will be verified soon). The switch to fresh brewed iced tea was a much needed change and this is a really great tasting tea. Also despite offering another tea which is fruity flavored, the plain black iced tea doesn’t suffer from the mixing of flavor problem which I describe here (at least it didn’t at the location where I tried it.) They only offer one size of drink which is reasonably priced at $2.00. The refills are self-serve.



Pre-2018 review-Pieology has instant Gold Peak Tea that is made from a concentrate. I have found this type of Gold Peak Tea is very similar to the bottled tea you can get at grocery stores. As I said in my review of the bottled tea, I don’t particularly care for the taste of this tea. It is a little weak tasting and does have more of an acidic taste than I prefer. My main complaint though, when comparing to other restaurant iced tea, is that you can really tell it is not freshly brewed. If you get tea from a dispenser like the one pictures here, you are getting pre-made or what is considered “bag-in-box” iced tea from concentrate, with what Gold Peak calls an “authentic home-brewed taste”.  I would disagree with this description. Also the ingredients include: Natural Tea Essence, Caramel Color, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate, and Phosphoric Acid. This seems like a lot of strange ingredients for a simple glass of iced tea.  Pieology has one beverage size and the price is around $2 at most locations. Refills are self serve.product.aspx