Baja Fresh

Photo Dec 21, 9 38 58 PM

2019 Update: On a recent visit to Baja Fresh, I noticed that they are now serving Honest Brand fresh brewed iced tea as opposed to Gold Peak brand.  Both are good tasting when brewed well, but because I don’t come across fresh brewed Honest Tea as often I prefer it slightly over Gold Peak. I have also confirmed that the change to Honest brand tea is at all Baja Fresh locations.







Pre 2019: Baja Fresh serves freshly brewed Gold Peak iced tea, which is also served at Jack in the Box and Blaze Pizza. The taste is good and similar to Jack in the Box , but Baja Fresh brews their tea a little more consistently in my experience. The price is in line with other fast food, around $2 for a regular and $2.50 for a large, but Baja Fresh has one other option that makes them one of the better iced tea values.  img_6135

You can purchase a 32 ounce reusable  “sports cup” shown here, which allows you to get 99 cent refills “forever”.  If the U.S. starts to experience runaway inflation anytime soon, you may want to have one of these cups.  img_6136