Chronic Tacos Iced Tea Review

Chronic Tacos is a Chipotle style Mexican food restaurant that started in Southern California and seems to be expanding on the west part of the United States.  As of 2017 they have about 35 locations.  Chronic Tacos serves fresh brewed China Mist brand iced tea.  This is a very good tasting iced tea when brewed well, but at the location I visited, the taste suffers from a problem that I have noticed with a number of other restaurants that serve multiple flavors of iced tea.  It seems they use the same brewing machine for all the different flavors, so in most cases the plain black iced tea has a slight flavor of whatever other flavor they offer. In this case the other flavor was “Fiesta Fria”.  The price for a regular sized drink is $2.50 and $2.75 for a large.


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