2020 update:

Wendy’s has made some improvements to their iced tea since I originally did a review of it in 2016. They now offer fresh brewed tea, but I have been unable to verify what brand it is. On the Wendy’s website they say “Brewed Tea” as opposed to “Fresh Brewed Tea” , which makes me question if there are some locations that don’t have fresh brewed iced tea. The taste at this location was acceptable, but probably a notch below what you are likely to get at a restaurant like Jack in the Box.  The price is pretty high compared to their competitors at $3.39 for a large at this location.

Pre-2020 review:

Wendy’s iced tea is not great tasting. I am a bit confused about what it actually is. On their website it says “brewed iced tea” and conveniently leaves off the word “fresh”. Usually this means that it is an instant or concentrated iced tea mix. (You can see more of how to decipher these terms by clicking here.) But the tea is dispensed from a stainless steel container and tastes like a brewed tea, just one that is not brewed well. Either way it is not a tea I would want to drink frequently.