Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Peet’s Coffee has served Mighty Leaf brand iced tea in their cafes since they acquired the Mighty Leaf company in 2014.  Their black iced teas are really good tasting and typically brewed on the strong side.  You can purchase them on the Mighty Leaf website for brewing at home. The price of iced tea at Peet’s is similar to other coffee shops like Starbucks.  At the location where I visited, the price was $2.95 for a large 20 ounces drink, which is a bit smaller than a Starbucks Venti (24 oz.).  I haven’t been able to verify what exactly Peet’s refill policy is, but I had heard rumor that you can get a refill for 1$ during the same visit (check back for details).

Update: according to their customer service Peet’s refill policy is as follows: “We only offer refills for drip coffee, tea, cold brew and iced tea. Refills cost under $1.50, depending on the size of the drink and the location. Refills are intended for use in the same store as the original purchase and technically, the beverage must be consumed in the store.”