Ono Hawaiian BBQ

Ono Hawaiian BBQ serves instant Gold Peak iced tea (as opposed to fresh brewed Gold Peak tea).  I have found this type of Gold Peak tea is very similar to the bottled Gold Peak tea you can get at grocery stores. As I said in my review of the bottled tea, I don’t care for the taste. It is a little weak tasting and does have an acidic taste. My main complaint though, when comparing to other restaurant iced tea, is that you can really tell it is not freshly brewed. If you get tea from a dispenser like the one pictured here, you are getting what is called a “bag-in-box” iced tea from concentrate, with what the Gold Peak calls an “authentic home-brewed taste”.  I would disagree with this description. Also the ingredients include: Natural Tea Essence, Caramel Color, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate, and Phosphoric Acid. This seems like a lot of strange ingredients for a simple glass of iced tea. The price is in line with other fast food restaurants at $2.19 for a small and $2.49 for a large at this location and you can get your own refills.