Photo Jan 10, 10 43 28 AMThe KFC locations which I have visited have “brewed Lipton iced tea”. This is the same tea with this long list of ingredients (shown below) that is served at Taco Bell. It is dispensed from a container like the one shown here and is basically an instant tea from concentrate. Now on KFC’s website it also says Lipton Brisk unsweetened iced tea (which is a different product) is served. I personally have not come across a KFC where Lipton Brisk unsweetened tea is served. Both are bad tasting teas and both have a long list of ingredients that include multiple preservatives and added color. Having said that, the “brewed Lipton tea” does have a better taste. Either way these are not teas you want to be drinking on a regular basis. Photo Jan 09, 10 02 41 AM (1)