Habit Burger Grill

2019 update: I downgraded Habit Burger’s tea from a four to a three and a half tea bag rating because of the consistent issue they have with the flavored tea mixing with the black tea.  I have a detailed post about it here.

I have recently revised my review of Habit Burger’s iced tea. I was originally somewhat underwhelmed by their iced tea after mainly getting it from one location. But after visiting two other locations, I have realized, the tea they serve is quite good. They serve fresh brewed S&D Coffee and Tea brand iced tea. This is the same brand of iced tea that is served at Chipotle.  Chipotle does brew their tea a bit stronger which gives it a little better taste and their tea is more consistant from one location to the next. I have also noticed that the plain black iced tea at Habit sometimes has a hint of the tropical tea flavor, which I am not a fan of. This is probably because they use the same brewing machine for both flavors. Chipotle never has this problem because they only have the plain black iced tea. The price range at Habit is between $2 – $2.50 for a large and you are able to get your own refills. img_5550