Corner Bakery Cafe

Corner Bakery Cafe is a restaurant that is new to my area but has close to 200 locations throughout the United States.  It’s menu is very similar to Panera Bread, which appears to be it’s most direct competition.  Corner Bakery serves Mighty Leaf brand iced tea, which is a good tasting fresh brewed iced tea and is also served at Peet’s Coffee.  Of the four times I have tried the tea at the one location in my area, two of the times the tea was quite good but the other two times it was subpar.  Right now I am going to blame inexperienced employees who probably made some mistake in the brewing process and I may adjust my rating after trying the tea a few more times.  The price for a drink is $2.09 for a regular size and $2.49 for a large.

Update: I have since visited Corner Bakery a few more times and the tea has been really good tasting since those initial few subpar cups.  I also contacted customer service and the specific tea they use for their plain black iced tea is a tea blend from Mighty Leaf called “Classic Black”.