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  1. aaronpriven says:

    Some restaurants where I have enjoyed the iced tea, which I didn’t notice on your site:

    • Fatapples Restaurant in El Cerrito and Berkeley, California. I think they brew it in the morning and it can taste a bit old if you go late in the day, but I just love going there for breakfast and getting fresh brewed black iced tea in their huge glasses, with free refills. Not inexpensive for this type of “American family restaurant”, but everything’s expensive in this area. I often drink two glasses and then ask for one to go… They have the large plastic to-go cups, like a Starbucks trenta cup, which I prefer to fast-food paper cups.

    • Red Rock Cafe and Back Door BBQ in Napa, California. Delicious, fresh-brewed iced tea, and good barbecue too.

    • PF Chang’s. You can tell the Chinese food is really inauthentic because they serve a good black iced tea 🙂 (To be fair, I wouldn’t know good authentic Chinese food if it hit me over the head with a chopstick) For a little while they had stopped serving the black iced tea but the last few times we’ve gone they brought it back.

    • Buttercup Grill in Oakland, California (and a few nearby cities like Walnut Creek). Another good breakfast spot.

    • Black Bear Diner is a chain in the Western U.S. (it started in Mount Shasta, California) and they have good fresh-brewed tea.

    • National Park lodges run by Xanterra (in Yellowstone, Crater Lake, Zion) all had very good iced tea when we did our visits a couple of years ago — I was afraid on our big National Park trips I’d have to do without, but I was very happy to drink it.

    I’ll probably think of some more.

    Some bad or disappointing iced tea:

    • One of my wife’s favorite restaurants is La Penca Azul in Alameda, California, but several years ago they switched from a good brewed tea to Gold Peak instant. Ick.

    • Ten years ago I took some long Amtrak trips between Chicago and the West Coast and was pleasantly surprised by fresh-brewed iced tea in their dining cars. Now it is Gold Peak from a bottle. Ick ick.

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    1. Awesome. Thanks for the input!


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