Disney Cruise iced tea

Disclaimer: This post is based on information given to me by a reliable iced tea source.

If I am going to be on a boat for any amount of time, one of the few things I need is good iced tea. It sounds like the iced tea choice on the Disney Cruise line is questionable at best.  Similar to other cruise lines, breakfast and lunch are buffet style meals and dinner is a more formal meal where you are served by a wait staff.  The iced tea choice for the buffet meals is Fuze brand unsweetened iced tea from a soda fountain. (shown below)  As a general rule, iced tea from a soda fountain is not good, but in my experience this particular fountain iced tea is exceptionally bad.

On a positive note, the iced tea served at dinner is much better. According to my source the tea tastes fresh brewed.  When I contacted customer service about the specific iced tea brand served at dinner meals, here is the response I recieved:

“Since availability is subject to change, we are unable to provide the specific brands of tea you will find onboard.”

I personally have always been excited about the prospect of someday going on a Disney cruise, but I will admit that learning about the limited iced options has dampened my excitement.


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