Honest “just black tea”

I have been having a lot of trouble finding this tea in my area, so I finally broke down and ordered two bottles over the Internet and reluctantly paid $5 for shipping. My first impression is that this tea looks different than any other tea I have tried. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the words I can think of to describe the appearance are cloudy and thick looking. If anyone has seen unpasteurized apple juice for sale at farmers markets, it looks very similar to that.

As far as the taste, my wife commented that she thought it would be stronger tasting, judging by its appearance. To me it tastes very similar to Pure Leaf tea, which as far as bottled teas go, is not too bad. It has a very slightly acidic taste and even though it is decent tasting, not many people would confuse it with a fresh brewed glass of iced tea.

Many people may find the certified organic label appealing.  Other than the certified organic black tea leaves, the other ingredients include: filtered water, “organic natural flavor”, and citric acid.  It does concern me when a company feels it needs to add any type of extra flavor (natural or not ) to its unsweetened black tea.


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