Panda Express

I decided to get food from Panda Express for the first time in probably more than a year.  I knew from past experiences they only had flavored iced tea, but since my prior visit, the restaurant decor as well as the menu and drink area had been totally redesigned.  I saw this iced tea dispenser from the register, but I was too far away to read the “Panda Passion Tea” label.  I thought there was a chance Panda Express had come to their senses and added unsweetened plain iced tea to their beverage options, so I decided to get a drink.  Needless to say as I got closer and was able to read the label, I realized I had made a bad decision.  For some unknown reason, I decided to taste the tea, which confirmed that it was as bad as I expected it to be.  I will be ordering a cup of water at any future visits to this restaurant.


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  1. aaronpriven says:

    passion (n.). “sufferings of Christ on the cross.”

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