Who I Am

Who am I:

I am just a guy who really likes iced tea. I don’t drink coffee, I rarely drink soda, but I do drink a lot of iced tea. Having said that I think for the most part “who I am” matters less to people than what I consider to be “good” or even “great” ice tea. For one, I really only like black unsweetened iced tea.  I can’t stand anything sweetened and really stay away from any fruity flavored teas. If I don’t specify, I am always talking about black unsweetened iced tea. I generally prefer freshly brewed tea as opposed to a tea made from a mix or concentrate. Beyond that I could try to use all kinds of pretentious words, like robust and full bodied, to describe what I think I iced tea should taste like, but I don’t know what those words really mean any more than anyone else. Instead I will give you a rating scale with examples of what teas fit that rating. For these ratings I will stick to bottled teas, which I find are generally the most consistent in flavor. You can read a full review of these individual teas as well as the reviews for a few more here.