The Crack Shack

The Crack Shack is a fast casual restaurant chain with a “trendy” vibe, that prides itself on it’s quality ingredients. The restaurant was started by celebrity chef Richard Blias whose has appeared on the television show Top Chef. The Crack Shack currently has a handful of locations in Southern California and Las Vegas.

I was a big fan of the diverse menu at The Crack Shack. Considering 90% of the menu contains some type of chicken, there is a large variety of quality food options. Like the rest of the menu, the iced tea is of high quality. It’s a really good fresh brewed iced tea that tastes a lot like Honest brand tea, but after contacting The Crack Shack I found out they brew tea from Tea Gallerie. There is only one drink size option which is $2.75 and the refills are self-serve.