Burger Lounge

Burger Lounge is a fast casual restaurant chain with headquarters in San Diego that specializes in grass-fed burgers.

The iced tea at Burger Lounge initially set off a few red flags for me. First I noticed the tea was dispensed from a plastic container, similar to the type of container I have been critical of at Panera Bread. I feel these containers change the taste of tea, and not for the better. The second thing I noticed was the tea had a very slight floral taste, which generally I am not fond of.  Despite both of these, I actually really liked the iced tea at Burger Lounge. The floral taste was slight enough that it just made the tea a little more interesting, and otherwise it was a really good fresh brewed iced tea.  The iced tea is organic but I have not verified what brand they use.  The price of iced tea is $2.49 and refills are free.